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  • ✅NO MAIDA -Made with 100% atta, each Biscott is a caramelized biscuit with a hint of cinnamon that blends beautifully with your tea or coffee to pamper all your senses. It also contains 0% trans-fat and is cholestrol free.
  • ✅TEA PARTNER - Go ahead and indulge yourself in the unique taste and rich texture of Unibic's Biscott to make your tea or coffee experience so extraordinary that you will make it your favourite daily routine!!
  • ✅CLASSIC BISCUIT- The best things in life are always timeless. This is why wehn it came to baking Unibic Biscott, we went back to how biscuits were traditionally baked. It is the combination of handpicked ingredients, lots ogf love and a traditional baking process.
  • ✅CARAMELISED TASTE- With a truly international taste: a caramelised yummy flvour, with a hint of cinnamon. Every bite is a absolute joy. A timeless Classic, indeed!
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